How long does it take to get my bed?
Generally about two weeks from the time you order to the time it gets to your door.  However this changes depending on our current workload.

What are your beds made from?
The beds are constructed from kiln dried Spruce, Pine or Fir (SPF).  Kiln-dried lumber prevents splitting; warping or cracking caused by temperature and humidity changes.

Can the bunk beds breakdown into separate beds?

What size mattress do I need?
I can make beds to accommodate any size mattress but my standard sizes are as follows;  Twin 39W x 75L x 6H full mattress 54W x 75L x 6H.

If you are planning to use an existing mattress with your bed please check the dimensions.  Sometimes they may be an irregular shape and not fit the bed.

Do I need a box spring?
No, the mattresses are supported by bed rails.

Do I need a ladder with these beds?
No, these beds are designed with the ladder built in.  You enter and exit the top bunk by climbing the horizontal rails in the bed.  However I do make ladders upon request.

Can the beds be modified?

How tall are the beds?
The bunk beds are 62 inches high but can be modified according to customer’s requests.

What is your warranty?
1 year from day of delivery.

 Do you have a store front?
No, each bed is made to order and I generally don’t have any in stock.  If I have a bed in stock then you are more than welcome to come visit my shop.

Do you ship your beds?
Yes, I will ship FOB.  Please contact me for further details.

What type of finish do you apply?
Unless otherwise requested I exclusively use water-based and milk paint from General Finishes.  General finishes is one of the largest manufactures of waterborne wood finishes and have won many awards on their finishes.

Milk Paint, what’s that stuff?
Is their actual milk in Milk Paint?  Nope, it’s water based.  The use of Milk Paint dates back to cavemen painting on cave walls.  They used a composition of lime, milk, and other pigments found from soil.  Today Milk Paint is the star of the furniture fashion market. They are interior/exterior acrylic paints suitable for indoor or outdoor furniture, crafts, and cabinets to produce a high quality satin sheen finish. This furniture paint provides a tough, high-quality painted finish.

What else do you make besides bunk beds?
Whatever you can imagine!!!  I have standard accessories available.  However I am open to any design request that you may have.  Contact me and we’ll talk about it.  Some of my current accessories were a result of a custom request.

Additionally I am a home improvement contractor and can help you with any of your home repair needs.  See my other site www.lonestarhi.com

Can your bunk beds be  used by adults?
Yes!  My beds are designed to accommodate grown adults.  I have made beds for Firehouses and overnight retreat centers.  In my client testimonies you can find evidence of the strength.

Do you do large or institutional orders?
YES. We have done a number of multi-unit orders for institutions, such as youth shelters and missions, and have also done many orders for individuals who are outfitting an entire vacation house, ski lodge, and the like.  Please contact me for a quote.